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  • The ethics as a transversal value

    More than a project, a real commitment to the community
  • A new business idea

    To assist businesses in the integrated management of special waste


We are big also with smaller customers

Customers Local are companies generally characterized by only one production or commercial site

The variety of the collection systems and equipment in use enable us to provide clients always a proper service,  tailored to any type of customer, size and characteristic, whether the large production facility or the small businesses. We typically provide our services to Piedmont and Lombardy-based businesses which are served by our system of service centres and treatment plants located in both regions. If they cannot be reached directly by our facilities, services are delivered by our partners located in all the country.

The services available for small and medium sized businesses cover all the activities of Waste Italia, ranging from the collection to the disposal of waste, ensuring the entire chain of integrated waste management, the assistance and professional consulting. Each plant shall send weeekly and monthly reports to the main office in order to keep off-site situation always monitored. Meetings involving local salespeople and the head of function are convened monthly with the purpose of discussing the various activities and improving services; similarly the plant managers and the head of function meet regularly to enhance the operational management  (flows, logistics, sorting of reusable waste fractions).


  • Client account as single reference point for any operational necessity
  • Dedicated logistic account for managing services
  • Specific and shared reporting system
  • Internal management of waste with our own staff before the delivery
  • Extensiveness of service centres and installations

Dedicated Customer care

Our technical and administrative staff provide the most appropriate services to specific customer needs, offering customized solutions. All activities are managed by a dedicated call center that detects the customer's demands processandole and verifying the correct execution.

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  • Large retailers, main producers of packaging waste: cardboard, plastic films, etc., are particularly involved in the separate collection of recoverable fractions. Starting from the analysis of the waste pathway within the structure, Waste Italia has elaborated a detailed package of services for a better waste management....

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  • Long distances, lacking storage space needed for waste and specific needs require highly personalised services. Green Up serves the main roadside catering service companies, guaranteeing a proper waste management at each food court...

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  • The perfect partner for national waste transportation and collection whose objective is minimising the environmental impact and developing high quality standards.
  • Concerning food waste, critical from the environmental and hygiene viewpoint, we have designed a system focused on reducing odorous emissions. Through our scheduled collection service, waste is sent to composting facilities where it is turned into an environmental resource.
  • Design of special services focused on streamlining transportation and disposal services The monitoring is carried out through customer feedback in order to establish the characteristics of waste and its hazardousness in such a way to develop personalised services.
  • Thanks to its presence throughout the country, Green Up has developed a strong competence in thia area. We are capable of operating from historic town centres to industrial parks, from small shops to large shopping centres.