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  • The ethics as a transversal value

    More than a project, a real commitment to the community
  • A new business idea

    To assist businesses in the integrated management of special waste


Green Up, when man is working for the environment

Green Up is oriented to the development of environmental management tools in keeping with the group's sustainability policies and respecting all the categories of stakeholders. Green Up, as part of the Waste Italia Group, has embraced a business model whose DNA relies in the sustainable development. The philosophy behind this approach stems from the belief, rooted in the group Vision, that business strategies attentive to social and environmental sustainability are also economically successful. The aspects of social and environmental sustainability are fully integrated both in the business plan and in Waste Italia’s strategy reflected in the annual Sustainability Report.


Growth and value creation by providing high quality services are the guidelines that form the basis of our day-to-day operations: offering customer-tailored services concerning the management of special waste, resulting mainly from industrial and commercial activities; assisting our customers in complying with applicable regulations concerning the management of said waste and reducing the environmental impact of the business activity by progressively increase the quantities of material recovered in lines with the principles of Circular Economy and Zero Waste.


To be at the service of businesses in a forward-looking waste cycle management making waste a resource that generates qualified employment, innovative enterprise and enhancements to the environment.


Green Up's employees have worked on the charter of values, whose focal points are:

  • Correctness We transform our ideas into accomplishments, strongly believing in our goals and thanks to our initiative.
  • Efficiency We strive to excellence through constant commitment to quality and safety.
  • Enthusiasm stimulate the employees fuelling the passion for their own work.
  • Commitment We aim to operate with sense of initiative and entrepreneurship to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Teamwork pledge to cooperate together with clarity and autonomy.

Green Up operates by guaranteeing the respect of people’s rights and gives big importance to health and safety at the workplace. Workers are considered a crucial element: this is one of the reasons why, in coherence with its mission and values, it has been attempted to foster the establishment of a Company that gives the human resource management a strategic role. Professionalism, competitiveness and profit are common beliefs at Green Up. A reference point to foster the philosophy behind Green Up is certainly the Code of Ethics: a guide to the rules of conduct outlined by the Group for those who work at Green Up and want to pursue its mission.

Our core business

Waste Collection

The collection and transportation of special waste with the use of their vehicles and equipment, and making use of a network of operators ...

Sorting and treatment

Sorting and treatment activities are aimed at reducing environmental impact, the recovery and recycling of waste ...

Waste Valorisation

The selection and processing activities have as their main purpose the enhancement of the different materials constituting the refusal ...

Smart Disposal

The non-recoverable wastes are allocated to controlled storage, (Landfill), generally attached to Green Up's treatment plant ...


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