Green Up Srl

Milano, via Giovanni Bensi 12

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  • The ethics as a transversal value

    More than a project, a real commitment to the community
  • A new business idea

    To assist businesses in the integrated management of special waste

Services for the large-scale retail channel

➔ Over 400 outlets served, some of which with on-site selection carried out by Green Up with qualified personnel
➔ Over 70,000 tonnes of waste collected per year
➔ 15,000 pickups/journeys per year Large retailers, main producers of packaging waste: cardboard, plastic films, etc., is particularly involved in the separate collection of recoverable fractions

For this category of customers, Green Up has elaborated a detailed package of services starting from the analysis of the waste pathway within the structure with the aim of achieving a better management of dry and humid waste fractions for downstream processes (food and vegetable waste); to suggest a good positioning of the different types of containers (press-containers,etc) and choosing the frequency of collection more appropriate.

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Thanks to a staff duly informed and trained by the Group, Green Up can also provide design and management of material sorting in specific recylcing areas located in the shopping centre. 

Dedicated Services

  • Centralized customer service system
  • Client account as single reference point for any operational necessity
  • Dedicated logistical support for managing services
  • Specific and shared reporting system
  • Contribution and comparison in the working groups on an on-going basis
  • Planned organic waste collection and subsequent transfer to recycling facilities
  • Streamlining transportation by means of waste-collection chains already operating in the region
  • Centralized monitoring of volumes, performance of waste selection and collection
  • Joint analyses and comparisons enabled through the use of shared performance metrics;