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  • The ethics as a transversal value

    More than a project, a real commitment to the community
  • A new business idea

    To assist businesses in the integrated management of special waste


Waste Way Project: together we are more competitive and efficient

To perform the services at the national level, the company employs a network of partners with whom we established partnerships within which are shared objectives, operating methods for the services and quality standards.

I Partner sono soggetti a un rigoroso processo di selezione per assicurare la conformità con la gestione d’impresa e le pratiche più efficienti. L’obiettivo del progetto è quello di migliorare, attraverso il rispetto delle norme e delle procedure, la costante innovazione e la formazione, l’impatto ambientale, la salvaguardia del lavoro di qualità e la soddisfazione delle esigenze dei clienti. Waste Way Project rappresenta un cammino importante che tutti i fondatori vogliono intraprendere con impegno e determinazione.

Network Focus

  • A system of companies controlled capable of operating in an integrated way the common approach to a partnership, to achieve long-term goals;
  • Personalized service and extreme care to the needs of business functions;
  • The achievement of uniform quality standards and certificates;
  • Consider the innovation and research as essential factors.

The importance of the network

WPP ensures a direct service that covers all the major industrial and urban areas of Italy. All companies inside the WWP have passed a qualification process and an organization's audit system and service. The qualifications were held jointly by Waste Italy and a major independent certification companies, on the basis of a procedure designed to identify aspects of quality, correctness on environmental and regulatory, safety and treatment of employees, to ensure customers served the maximum tranquility in entrusting to a third partner.
With order to guarantee optimal management of the waste in full compliance with regulations and to create greater awareness on environmental issues, Green Up develops nature educational initiatives, informative and popular uprisings to its customers and to the business world. The commitment of all companies forming part of the Waste Way Project was established with the signing of a chart of values, the Manifesto.

Our core business

Waste Collection

The collection and transportation of special waste with the use of their vehicles and equipment, and making use of a network of operators ...

Sorting and treatment

Sorting and treatment activities are aimed at reducing environmental impact, the recovery and recycling of waste ...

Waste Valorisation

The selection and processing activities have as their main purpose the enhancement of the different materials constituting the refusal ...

Smart Disposal

The non-recoverable wastes are allocated to controlled storage, (Landfill), generally attached to Green Up's treatment plant ...


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