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  • The ethics as a transversal value

    More than a project, a real commitment to the community
  • A new business idea

    To assist businesses in the integrated management of special waste

Hazardous Special Waste

In skilled hands, the danger is avoided

Green Up also specialises in hazardous special waste collection and disposal operating authorized waste management sites. Our staff is able to offer expert advice on waste management, by suggesting safe and cheap solutions in Italy and, for some types of waste, also abroad. The activities are carried out in compliance with law, fully respecting the environment. In addition, Green Up continuously provides its clients with detailed information about changes in hazardous waste laws.

rifiuti pericolosi

Asbestos Reclamation

The asbestos removal takes place using three main methods: removal, which eliminates the material materially; encapsulation, in which the material is impregnated with the use of penetrating and covering products; confinement, in which you install the insulating barriers which separate the pollutant from the environment. The insulation removal operations, confinement, encapsulation, removal and any required operation are carried out by highly specialized technicians. Our staff is able to offer technical advice for the purpose of disposing of the entire waste management, through tailored solutions, optimized from the point of logistic and economic viewpoint, without never underestimate the safety aspects. In fact, every operation takes place in full compliance with the law and respecting the environment.

Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Green Up is also involved in the disposal of Fluff. The Fluff is a waste product, mainly from steel industries during the process of recovery of metals and represents the waste non-metallic material present in the motor vehicle (plastic, rubber, upholstery, fabrics, insulating material, electrical cables and other secondary components). It 'a rejection that can not be recycled or recovered and which concludes its life cycle through the disposal in controlled landfills.

Our core business

Waste Collection

The collection and transportation of special waste with the use of their vehicles and equipment, and making use of a network of operators ...

Sorting and treatment

Sorting and treatment activities are aimed at reducing environmental impact, the recovery and recycling of waste ...

Waste Valorisation

The selection and processing activities have as their main purpose the enhancement of the different materials constituting the refusal ...

Smart Disposal

The non-recoverable wastes are allocated to controlled storage, (Landfill), generally attached to Green Up's treatment plant ...


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